Week 14: Pom Mahakan

This walk does not really have the right to be called a walk. After a quick zip along to Pom Mahakan fort on the Canal taxi we went to discover an old residential area that was purchased by the Bangkok Metropolitan Administration (BMA) in the 90’s however the houses have only recently started to be cleared. The residents re fighting back against the clearance as they claim the extension to the parkland surrounding the fort is not wanted or needed. Read More

Feeling Inspired?

I was sent a link to a video by famous Danish architect Bjarke Ingles today where he suggested that Architecture should embrace the concept of Minecraft and become “Worldcraft” where we are enabled to turn surreal dreams into inhabitable space. As he sketched across a giant piece of paper with a chunky marker lucidly describing the concepts behind many of his major works I was, for a moment swept along with his enthusiasm.

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