Alberto Viega: Fabrizio Barozzi

The talk was being given by one half of Fabrizio Barozzi, Italian architect Alberto Viega. He was literally only in Bangkok for 24hrs having flown all the way to give the lecture at IMPACT. I didn’t know whether to be flattered or somewhat insulted- Bangkok’s awesome, is his time really that precious? was the fuel used in his transport really that insignificant? I digress…Read More

David Schafer: Studio Make

David Schafer began by quoting Heidegger but then stated that he’s not that interested in him. That instantly endeared me to him. The quote was, I think, taken from the essay “Building, Thinking, Dwelling” and described the sky

The sky is the vaulting path of the sun, the course of the changing moon, the wandering glitter of the stars, the year’s seasons and their changes, the light and dusk of day, the gloom and glow of night, the clemency and inclemency of the weather, the drifting clouds and blue depth of the ether”

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Keisuke Maeda: UID Architects

Keisuke Maeda is from Fukuyama in Hiroshima prefecture and his presentation began with a little drone footage of  his home city.  A coastal city nestled in between mountains Keisuke’s talk would soon show his deep affection for his home place. He referenced the quote of a Japanese chef ‘dishes are clothes for the food’ and explained that he viewed gardens as clothes for the architecture. Read More