In the jungle baby

Looking forward to this summer has reminded me of one of my highlights of last summer- a visit to a tiny suburban garden just minutes from my parent’s home in Poole. The garden is listed in the National Garden Scheme which you may know as ‘the yellow book’. Under the scheme brave citizens of Britain open their private gardens for the world to see and collect money for charity.

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Thoughts on a lecture by Eliot Postma of Heatherwick Studios

Thomas Heatherwick was not an architect.

One interesting fact from a lecture by Eliot Postma of Heatherwicks followed by the statement that not having the ‘baggage’ of architectural education is one of the reasons for his undeniable success. Thomas is a maker. He leads his 200 plus disciples from a collection of buildings in the King’s Cross Development area in central London. The most important place is the workshop. This is what differentiates him from other similarly sized architectural practices in the UK. Postma describes how Heatherwick himself is closely involved with every project in the practice but keen to take on board all good ideas from all sources including a part one student on their first day.

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