In the jungle baby

Looking forward to this summer has reminded me of one of my highlights of last summer- a visit to a tiny suburban garden just minutes from my parent’s home in Poole. The garden is listed in the National Garden Scheme which you may know as ‘the yellow book’. Under the scheme brave citizens of Britain open their private gardens for the world to see and collect money for charity.

What I think I love most about this scheme as it includes both large gardens covering acres and what I consider to be gardens of a very ‘normal’ size which really reinforces that it’s not space that’s required for a truly special garden but good design, time and love.

As you can see from the overhead image this property is a regular bungalow which is conspicuous in it’s appearance only by the densely planted tropicals in the front garden- imagine a Chelsea show garden sponsored by Mauritius. The cover image for this blog post is actually of a visitor enveloped in the front garden- not in south east Asia as you might first think- but within the confines of a small space of about 6m x 6m on a sunny August day in Dorset.

The owners of this garden have a special dedication to tropical and heat loving plants with a small fern garden thrown in. The collection of plants was really remarkable and an absolute showcase of texture and form. Having been in Thailand for the last four years I felt very at home surrounded by bamboos and orchids and walking around the winding paths of the small garden felt like a spot of gentle jungle exploration. The journey began with the perfectly curated plant collection in the front garden through a covered yard home to a stunning cacti presented on red shelving and looking very fine because of it. To the rear of the house was a tiki umbrella’d seating area to rival any further to the equator with winding paths leading on into the garden. At no point could you see much further than about two or three meters in front of you and the garden was all the better for it. There was a meticulously kept greenhouse home to some breath-taking orchids and at the end a beautifully staged summer house , which if it was mine I’m sure I would struggle to leave.

Below are a selection of images from the visit. You can see the full original image son flickr as always.

This evening has been spent scoping out some new gardens to visit this summer.


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