Combining Lumion and Sketchup Images

I have been really enjoying using lumion for quick renders. I have seen some phenomenal examples of photo-realistic renders from Lumion but sadly I always feel my images lurk in that dodgy area that is not quite photo-realistic. I decided I would like to combine some of the sketchy quality of Sketchup with the excellent lighting of Lumion.

Here are some things I learnt along the way.

Step One

Rendered image from Lumion built from a Sketchup model

Step Two

In Sketchup go to the ‘camera’ menu and insert your Lumion image by clicking on ‘new photo match’

Step three

Pick a style that you would like to overlay on top of your lumion render

Step Four

To turn off the photomatched image untick these boxes in the edit part of the style menu AFTER you have chosen the style you want to export

Step Five

Open your exported sketchy edge iage in photoshop and overlay onto the Lumion image.

Step Six

I also overlaid a paper texture to the image and added some landscape behind windows.

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